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Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 and operates stores across the UK, including 12 supermarkets in Northern Ireland. Former manager of a Sainsbury’s store Nigel Macauley took over the role of Regional Operations Manager in 2011, after which employment remained steady and revenue climbed. Sainsbury’s opened its first store in Ballymena in 1996 and now works with over 100 Irish suppliers.

Financial Data

  • 31st Dec 21 Source: Estimated
    • €460.7 million turnover
    • 2,550 employees
  • 31st Dec 19 Source: Estimated
    • €459.7 million turnover
    • 2,550 employees


By Turnover

(€460.7 million)

By Employees

182nd in Top Companies By Turnover
  • 2,550
  • €460.7 million


  • Nigel Macauley Country Manager

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