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Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water provides water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland. The company supplies 575 million litres of clean water a day for almost 1.8 million people as well as treating 340 million litres of wastewater a day. Northern Ireland Water is a Government Owned Company and was set up in April 2007 to provide the water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland. By 2020, Northern Irish Water are planning to invest £3 billion that will reduce leakage levels, lower the threats of flooding and improve water and wastewater quality across the 26,700 kilometres of watermains and 15,200 kilometres of sewers in Northern Ireland.

Financial Data


By Turnover

(€502.5 million)

By Employees

168th in Top Companies By Turnover
  • 1,315
  • €502.5 million


  • Sara Venning CEO/Managing Director

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