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Kraft Heinz

Heinz is a global food company which employs approximately 2,100 people across the UK and Ireland. The company was bought out by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital in 2013 for $23 billion. Its products include Heinz Beanz, Tomato Ketchup, Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce, Cream of Tomato Soup and Salad Cream and its brand names and licensed trademarks include Heinz/ Farley's, Weight Watchers/ Aunt Bessie's, Lea & Perrins and HP Sauce.

Financial Data

  • 26th Dec 20 Source: CRO
    • €42.1 million turnover
    • €5.9 million profit
    • 17 employees
  • 28th Dec 19 Source: CRO
    • €37.6 million turnover
    • €2.6 million profit
    • 19 employees


By Turnover

(€42.1 million)

By Employees

750th in Top Companies By Turnover
  • 17
  • €42.1 million


  • David Adams Country Manager

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