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Imagine Communications

Imagine Communications provides telecommunications services to corporate and residential customers. The company is probably best known in Ireland for its WiMax or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access product, a 4G wireless technology giving consumers home phone and internet service with no line rental charge. The company has business operations all over the world with a network capability in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway and the USA.

Financial Data

  • 31st Dec 20 Source: CRO
    • €27.3 million turnover
    • -€20.1 million profit
    • 252 employees
  • 31st Dec 19 Source: CRO
    • €20.2 million turnover
    • -€25.6 million profit
    • 235 employees


By Turnover

(€27.3 million)

By Employees

828th in Top Companies By Turnover
  • 252
  • €27.3 million


  • Sean Bolger Chairman

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