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Hyundai Cars Ireland

Lejaro Limited distributes motor vehicles and parts and provides management services. The company's operations are based at Hyundai House, Naas Road, Dublin. Estalished in 1994, the company have over 30 full time staff in their head office and 31 authorised dealers nationwide. Hyundai Motor, which employs over 80,000 worldwide, offers motoring products including small to large passenger vehicles, SUVs and commercial vehicles. The company - with manufacturing bases in South Korea, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, India, Russia, Turkey and the US - sold 8 million vehicles globally in 2015.

Financial Data

  • 31st Dec 21 Source: Estimated
    • €105 million turnover
    • 35 employees
  • 31st Dec 19 Source: Estimated
    • €100 million turnover
    • 34 employees


By Turnover

(€105 million)

By Employees

465th in Top Companies By Turnover
  • 35
  • €105 million


  • Stephen Gleeson CEO/Managing Director

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