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Gem Plastics

Gem Plastics Gem Plastics was founded in 1988 in Cavan, lreland as a division of the lubricants distribution company Gem Oils, which was established in 1962. It manufactures performance plastic containers for general packaging solutions and niche applications, and distributes oil and related products. It has a 10,000 sq metre manufacturing plant in Cavan and a warehouse in the UK. It employs 86 people.

Financial Data

  • 31st Dec 22 Source: CRO
    • €30.5 million turnover
    • €2.7 million profit
    • 108 employees
  • 31st Dec 20 Source: CRO
    • €20.9 million turnover
    • €0.6 million profit
    • 100 employees


By Turnover

(€30.5 million)

By Employees

831st in Top Companies By Turnover
  • 108
  • €30.5 million


  • Maura Burke CEO/Managing Director

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