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Central Bank

The Central Bank Reform Act 2010 created a single unitary body, the Central Bank of Ireland, responsible for both central banking and financial regulation. The Act commenced on October 1st 2010. This structure replaced the previous related entities, the Financial Services Authority of Ireland, the Financial Regulator and the Central Bank. The Central Bank of Ireland is the financial services regulator of Ireland. Some of the objectives of the Central Bank if Ireland are to ensure the best interests of consumers of financia services are protected, to provide independent economic advice and high quality financial statistics and to ensure efficient financial services infrastructure to the economy.

Financial Data

  • 31st Dec 22 Source: CRO
    • €194.9 billion assets
    • €575 million profit
    • 981 employees
  • 31st Dec 21 Source: CRO
    • €204.2 billion assets
    • €1.1 billion profit
    • 2,110 employees


By Assets

(€194.9 billion)

By Employees

1st in Top Financial Companies By Assets
  • 981
  • €194.9 billion


  • Gabriel Makhlouf CEO/Managing Director

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