Guide to Irish business

Which companies have moved up the rankings? And which have moved down? What about the companies who have made the list for the first time - and the companies which no longer make the grade? Here are Ireland’s Top 1000 companies for 2022

The TOP1000 database, which is compiled and edited by The Irish Times, provides the most up-to-date detailed performance, operating and contact information on Ireland’s TOP1000 companies and is an essential research, sales and marketing resource for any company doing business within Ireland. For further information Alanna Kirwan by email: The starting point for the Top1000 Companies list 2022 is the latest statutory filings in the Republic and Northern Ireland. Data is based on filings received by May 6th 2022.

  1. Companies are ranked by turnover, apart from financial institutions which are ranked by assets and included in a separate table (see pages 48 and 49). Fund administration companies are shown separately at the end of the financials list.
  2. Where accounts are published in a currency other than euro, they are translated back to euro as of the date of the accounts. However, this means year-on-year comparisons may not be wholly accurate due to currency fluctuations.
  3. Where companies file consolidated accounts, group turnover is typically taken.
  4. The Irish subsidiaries of multinational or overseas companies are included if they are significant employers. If the company does not disclose financial accounts for such an operation, then turnover is estimated by The Irish Times on the basis of revenue per employee as per publicly available figures.
  5. If a multinational has several subsidiaries in Ireland, The Irish Times has, where possible, treated them as one entity group under the main Irish company. In some circumstances, this is not possible and they appear separately.
  6. Unlimited companies are included if they are judged by The Irish Times to carry out a significant level of economic activity in Ireland. Such companies are typically asked to supply their turnover figures but where no figures are forthcoming, turnover has been estimated by The Irish Times. For example, the turnover of the larger grocers, where financial results are not available, has been estimated on the basis of market share and total market size.
  7. Turnover figures for law firms (with the exception of Mason Hayes + Curran) are based on estimated industry growth figures.
  8. Typically, figures for international companies refer only to the Irish operations of these companies. However, where such companies have their global headquarters in Ireland, then figures are given on a global basis.
  • Where turnover has been estimated it is identified by (e). Where figures for profits or employees are not available the entry is left blank.
  • Profit is rounded to the nearest million which may result in profits or losses of less than €1m being shown as a zero or blank
  • External companies or Irish resident companies with no employees were excluded on the basis that their real level of economic activity in Ireland was small or impossible to measure.
  • Best efforts were made to avoid duplication of company entries where subsidiaries and parent companies file individual and consolidated accounts