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Almac Group

Almac is a pharmaceutical service provider with over 30 years experience. The company provides a range of services including research and development, pharmaceutical testing and clinical trials as well as the commercialisation of pharmaceutical products. The company has experience in biomarker discovery and development through its partners and through internal R&D. Almac provides comprehensive support from drug discovery through to scale-up and launch of new drugs. Pharmaceutical development includes pre-formulation of drugs, testing and taking them to market. The company has three chemical trial sites globally, with one in Northern Ireland situated at Craigavon. The company also specialises in the design and manufacture of drug packaging including blistering, bottling and walleting/carding of pharmaceuticals.

Financial Data

  • 30th Sep 20 Source: CRO
    • €743.8 million turnover
    • €69.8 million profit
    • 5,466 employees
  • 30th Sep 19 Source: CRO
    • €742.8 million turnover
    • €55.8 million profit
    • 5,150 employees


By Turnover

(€743.8 million)

By Employees

120th in Top Companies By Turnover
  • 5,466
  • €743.8 million


  • Alan Armstrong CEO/Managing Director

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